Video game publisher SEGA have launched a new expansion for their top down action game Renegade Ops, called Coldstrike Campaign, which comes alongside the Reinforcements Pack and is available on the PlayStation Network from Sony, the Xbox Live Arcade service from Microsoft and the PC, exclusively via digital download.
Coldstrike is the new main enemy and players must explore three new levels in order to defeat him, all of them based on arctic themes, which makes them perfect for the holiday season.
New enemies include the Golems, with the ability to constantly pepper the player with low flying enemies.
The Reinforcements gives the player a choice of two new heroes, Crystal, using a heavily armored vehicle with a force field special power, and Blazemo, who uses a light, quick vehicle and fires an incinerator.

Ano: 2011

Tamanho: 539MB

Release: Skidrow

Formato: EXE

Plataforma: PC