El Diablo’s ‘Merican Adventure is the just the type of DLC you’d expect from Twisted Pixel with the same great feel you get from the main story of the full retail game. This DLC sees the same shooting-gallery theme as in the Wavy Man Chronicles and at only 240 MS Points in the Xbox Marketplace is a real bargain for what you get.
The story loosely links to the mainstream account of the Gunstringer but drifts off to follow El Diablo, the husband of the late Lady of the Dead. As El Diablo you are on a mission to find yourself a new bride as ruling the underworld seems to be quite lonely. In this DLC you shoot your way through an extensive variety of pop-up gallery surroundings constructed on the retail game, accompanied by new sets that include the Barons oil platform and the Madams bedroom and ballroom.
You’ll really need your wits about you in this DLC because the add-on sees the traditional gameplay replaced with a more challenging point-and-shoot mechanic rather than relying on a lock-on system. This means you’ll need sharp reflexes and accuracy to make sure you shoot the correct targets and don’t mistakenly shoot babies in prams or other innocent civilians.

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Ano: 2012

Tamanho: 1.5GB
Idioma: Inglês

Plataforma: XBox 360

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